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David McNarry ejected from Assembly chamber

16 June, 2009 - by Raymond McCartney

Ulster Unionist MLA for Strangford David McNarry was this morning ejected from the Assembly chamber following his refusal to withdraw comments he made about Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney.

During an Assembly debate on May 18th Mr McNarry commented:

“I note that the Member for Foyle who asked the previous question, who might know someone who might know some more, is not offering cash back from the proceeds of the Northern Bank robbery. It would substantially add to the criminal asset recovery funds if he or some of his friends were to come forward."

“Mr McCartney asked for a ruling on the Ulster Unionist’s baseless comments and today the Speaker delivered his ruling calling on Mr McNarry to withdraw his remarks. When he refused to abide by the ruling Mr. McNarry was ejected from the Assembly for the remainder of the day’s proceedings.

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