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Status of Long Kesh buildings will be protected – Butler

29 June, 2009

Sinn Féin MLA for Lagan Valley Paul Butler has said that Sammy Wilson’s moves to review the listed status of the buildings at Long Kesh are mere publicity seeking on his part.

Mr Butler’s comments come after suggestions from Mr Wilson that he has asked the Environment Agency to carry out a further review of the listing and potential for delisting on this site.

Speaking this afternoon Mr Butler said,

“The reality is that Mr Wilson’s predecessor as Environment Minister had already requested and received that same advice. Quite possibly given Mr Wilson attempts to juggle four separate jobs he has missed this fact.

“It is worth noting that Sammy is running against the Office of the First and deputy First Minister, who actually own the site, and therefore his own party leader, who on the 8th April 2009 recognised the historic significance of this site.

Is Sammy seriously suggesting that there is no historical, reconciliation or indeed tourism potential with the maintenance of these buildings?

If this is the case then it is worrying given the portfolio that Mr Wilson is about to undertake.

Sinn Féin will ensure that the listed buildings are maintained in order to utilise the historic, economic and reconciliation potential that goes along with the site.” CRÍOCH

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