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Orde Criticised For Political Policing

23 February, 2004

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Human Rights Issues Caitriona Ruane has accused PSNI Chief Hugh Orde of 'deliberately and very cynically entering a debate around truth recovery and inquiries in a bid to protect senior members of the PSNI from having their past role within the RUC investigated'.

Ms Ruane said:

"Hugh Orde is well aware that there are many of his senior colleagues who formally occupied central roles within the RUC and the RUC Special Branch. He knows that many of these individuals are human rights abusers and were centrally involved in organising a campaign of genocide against the nationalist population.

"He knows that the presence of human rights abusers at the core of the new policing arrangements undermines confidence and sustains the widely held belief that the PSNI is not an accountable and acceptable policing service.

"Recent attempts by Mr Orde to scupper the demands of families for inquiries into the murders of their loved ones through the collusion policy is a very cynical and political move being made in an attempt to protect his senior colleagues who were in the past central to this policy.

"The political interventions being made by Mr Orde in recent times mirror the sort of political policing which we became accustomed to under the various Chief Constables of the RUC and which if we had a truly new beginning to policing would have come to an end by now." ENDS

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