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Sinn Féin will oppose incinerator at Balltutoag Road between South Antrim/ North Belfast

3 July, 2009

Sinn Fein MLA for South Antrim Mitchel McLaughlin has stated that Sinn Féin will be opposing the proposal to site an incinerator on the Ballyutoag Road. The proposal was submitted to Planning by Irish Recycling Services for an Energy from Waste facility over a 10 hectare site.

Speaking earlier Mr McLaughlin said:

“Local residents are anxious and apprehensive at the news of an incinerator plant in the Belfast Hills has been applied for by Irish Recycling Services.

“Incineration is not the best way to dispose of material and studies have shown that generation of heat and energy from incineration is not that efficient as heat is lost through cooling processes and the energy used for enabling the incineration seriously offsets any real benefits.    

“On top of this there is the fact that incineration does produce pollution and increases the risk of contamination to the immediate environment. Considering that this will be situated on the Belfast Hills there could be implications for tourism, biodiversity and access to historic monuments given smells or contaminants released.  

“While the proposed site is within the south Antrim boundaries it will also have a clear impact on North Belfast. Other alternatives to incineration must be found and not just because of the pollution threat but also from the mass transportation that would be required to bring the material to site.

 “It is essential that local people are made aware of the potential implications and impact that the proposed incinerator will have on their lives, health and well being. Due to its contentious nature it I will be calling for an Article 31 inquiry to consider the full environmental and health impact of the proposal.”

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