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Hamilton comments entirely motivated by party political considerations – McElduff

21 July, 2009 - by Barry McElduff

Sinn Féin west Tyrone MLA Barry McElduff has branded comments from DUP MLA Simon Hamilton in yesterday’s Irish News as ‘entirely motivated by party political considerations’.

Speaking this afternoon Mr McElduff said,

“The reality is that North/South approach saves money.

There is an economic imperative that compels us to look not where Simon is suggesting but at the fact that there is vast amounts of money being wasted on service duplication across this small country. Two health care systems, two educations systems, two social welfare systems, two transport systems do not make sense on an Island with a population of almost six million.

Today I along with many others will attend the announcement of the new route for A5 carriageway. This is another example of where an All-Ireland approach makes both economic and social sense; it allows greater access and connectivity between people and improves transportation for trade. This is but one example.

Simon Hamilton should take on board all of these factors before allowing party political considerations to ensure he gets a few lines in the paper. I put it to Simon Hamilton, would he recommend that the Irish Government end its funding programmes within disadvantaged, working class loyalist and unionist areas? I would imagine that the people working and living in those communities, who work so closely with and benefit so greatly from north south cooperation would feel somewhat differently from him on this issue.” CRÍOCH

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