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Gerry Adams MP to meet with British Attorney General to discuss Holland case

5 August, 2009 - by Pat Sheehan, Westminster

Speaking after the press conference with the Holland family regarding the refusal of the British Attorney General refusal to review the sentences in Harry’s case or refer them to the Court of Appeal Sinn Féin party president and MP for West Belfast, Gerry Adams MLA, said:

“The British Attorney General has agreed to meet with me and the family to discuss all of the implications of this case.

“Her refusal to review the sentences in Harry’s case or refer them to the Court of Appeal and her failure to tackle the obvious and glaring shortcomings within the Public Prosecution Service is deeply disappointing for the family and for the west Belfast community.

“The family and the community are justifiably angry at the sordid secret deal that was done between the Public Prosecution Service and those who carried out the murder which led to reduced charges and minimum sentences against two of the accused.

“We are also very concerned that the British Attorney General relied solely for her decision on information supplied to her by the DPP.

“She has not questioned or investigated the behaviour and actions and judgements made by the PPS.

“It was the DPP who sent the case files and the report from a Counsel commissioned by the DPP to the British AG.

“The family were not spoken to about any of this nor were they informed of the DPP’s action.

“No one yet knows what information was in fact given to the British Attorney General and which was the basis of her decision.

“The British Attorney General has accepted without question the DPP’s view that the three people involved in this murder did not act in concert or were part of a joint enterprise.

“This despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

“The British AG also ignores the fact that the weapons used had been carried for some hours by the accused; and that together with others, they had been engaged in a series of anti-social or criminal incidents in the hours before Mr Holland was murdered.

“Harry Holland’s brutal murder left his family deeply traumatised and evoked public revulsion throughout the community, especially where he lived with his family in West Belfast.” 


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