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Adams Challenges DPP

7 August, 2009 - by Pat Sheehan, Westminster

In an interview on BBC radio on Wednesday morning the Sinn Féin President and west Belfast MP Gerry Adams criticized and challenged the PPS handling of the Harry Holland murder case and the role of the PPS and its predecessor the DPP in the administration of justice in the north.

Yesterday the current Director of the PPS and Director of Public Prosecutions Alistair Frazier subsequently described Mr. Adams comments as ‘unworthy and wrong.’

Responding this morning Mr. Adams said: 

“I stand over my remarks concerning the PPS.

 I made it clear in my interview that I knew that there are good, decent people working within the PPS who are doing their best. I am also sure that there are those who are about reforming the system.

But the handling of the Harry Holland murder case by the PPS and the secret deal done in respect of two of the accused, which sparked the PPS statement, was shameful.

No acceptable or believable reason has been provided to explain, excuse or apologise for that.

Contrary to Alistair Fraser’s claim that the organisation which he leads has served the community in a consistently fair way, during the period of the conflict the Office of the DPP was directly involved in decisions which covered-up state murder; sought to hide evidence of collusion by the state forces and unionist death squads, and protected members of the RUC and British Armed Forces from prosecution for their involvement in torture and murder.

It is in the public interest that these issues are dealt with. I would welcome the opportunity to hear Mr. Fraser’s explanation for the decisions he made or authorized in the Harry Holland murder case, or indeed in any case during the conflict in which he may have been involved.

I am calling on him to discuss these matters in public and in the open with me and the people of west Belfast.”

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