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Conor Murphy MP MLA addresses Irish Diaspora in Canada

14 August, 2009 - by Westminster

Conor Murphy MP, MLA has travelled to Canada to attend the centenary events marking the unveiling of the celtic cross at Grosse ile, placed there to mark the graves of over 5,500 thousand Irish immigrants who perished after fleeing Ireland during the great hunger.

Minister Murphy will address the Irish Diaspora from both Canada and the United States gathered at the island as co-chair of the Sinn Féin Taskforce on Irish Unity.

Speaking before his departure, Conor Murphy said, "I am honoured to be attending the centenary events at Grosse ile in remembrance of all those Irish who left Ireland and crossed the Atlantic during an Górta mhór and who sadly perished on arrival at Grosse ile."

"Today we live in a modern and peaceful Ireland which has transcended those days of great poverty and indeed conflict.  I will meet the Irish diaspora for whom Canada and the United States became the new home for many Irish families. As part of our national and international conversation on achieving Irish unity we will explore how best also we can continue to marshal political support for this Sinn Féin priority project of reunification and independence now and for the future."

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