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Pat Cox insults electorate & avoids real debate – McDonald

18 August, 2009

Sinn Féin Vice President Mary Lou McDonald has accused pro Lisbon campaigner Pat Cox of insulting the electorate and avoiding a real debate on the content of the Lisbon Treaty.

Ms McDonald has said:

“Last June 862,415 people representing 53% of those who voted in the Lisbon Treaty referendum rejected the Treaty. They were calling for a better deal for Ireland and Europe. It was a pro European vote. A clear majority of the electorate wanted a better deal on workers rights, public services and international trade. Crucially voters wanted to strengthen Irelands place in Europe.

“Pax Cox’s suggestion that opposing this right wing and anti European Treaty means supporting the politics of English Tory Euro-sceptics is not only inaccurate but insulting to the 862,415 Irish voters who believe that Europe can and must do better.

“I am not surprised that Pat Cox would seek to lead the referendum debate in this direction. He is clearly uncomfortable with debating the actual content of the treaty. Instead he seeks to trade insults.

“Sinn Féin wants an honest, robust and factual debate on the Lisbon Treaty. We also want an honest assessment of the implications of the Lisbon Treaty on our present economic crisis.

“We are ready for such a debate. The question is; is Pat Cox?” ENDS

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