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All victims deserve truth and deserve respect – Sinn Féin

25 August, 2009 - by Ian Milne

Commenting after Jeffery Donaldson announced he intended to travel to Libya to lobby on behalf of certain victims groups, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Victims, Francie Molloy said that Mr Donaldson's claims would have more credibility if he looked closer to home and demanded that the British government and the state sponsored unionist militia, which he was a member of, came clean on collusion and state sponsored terror in Ireland.

Speaking today, the mid Ulster MLA said;

“Jeffrey Donaldson is going to Libya with several victims organisations seeking compensation for victims of the conflict in Ireland. As an elected representative that is his right. It is worth noting however that Mr Donaldson was a leading member of the UDR, a state sponsored unionist militia, whose members were involved in collusion and murder. Maybe Mr Donaldson would afford the victims of the UDR and those killed by collusion between it and loyalist gangs the same courtesy and demand that former colleagues come clean.

Neither the British Government or its armed forces have yet to apologise and recognise the huge amount of hurt that they have caused to hundreds of victims here in the north and beyond. The process of truth recovery is a difficult one and I believe that the British Government must acknowledge and accept its role in the conflict and help the process of truth recovery and justice in any way that it can. All of us have a role to play in securing that justice yet political unionism seems to believe itself exempt from this process.” CRÍOCH

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