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Dick Roche not in a position to advise on economy – McDonald

25 August, 2009

Speaking in response to Minister for Europe Dick Roche’s claim that rejecting Lisbon would be like ‘playing Russian roulette with the economy’, Sinn Féin Vice President Mary Lou McDonald said:

“Dick Roche and his colleagues in government are hardly in a position to advise anyone on how best to run the economy. The last 15 years of Fianna Fail economic policy has produced the banking crisis, the housing bubble, soaring unemployment, a massive hole in the public finances, and savage cuts to public services and social welfare.

“Their response to the economic crisis has been a mixture of denial and incompetence, with NAMA as the latest in a long line of deeply flawed policy decisions.

“Dick Roche is in no position to offer advice on the economy. His Russian roulette quip is an apt description of the daily reality of Fianna Fail remaining in power, as each bungled decision by his cabinet colleagues drives thousands of families into greater hardship and economic insecurity.

“Contrary to what Dick Roche claims, the Lisbon Treaty would make our current economic situation worse. It was drafted by the same right wing politicians who led us into the recession and containing the same right wing policies that under pinned the recession. It is hardly surprising that the party who brought you NAMA and the McCarthy report would also endorse the Lisbon Treaty.

“The Irish economy urgently needs and change of government and a change of policy. Getting Fianna Fáil out of power and rejecting the Lisbon Treaty are two sides of the same coin.” ENDS

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