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Arson attack destroys school in Castlewellan

28 August, 2009

Arson attack destroys school in Castlewellan

Sinn Fein MLA for South Down Willie Clarke has slammed those who were behind an arson attack on the Irish language school in Castlewellan, Bunscoil  Bheanna Boirche, on the Circular Road in the early hours of this morning. The arson attack completely destroyed three portacabins that were being used as classrooms and a nursery and all the contents within.

Speaking earlier Mr Clarke, whose daughter attends the school , said:

 “This arson attack has destroyed this school and has shocked the community, the teachers and the those who attend the school. What is particularly sickening is that this attack comes only days before the school and nursery were set to reopen for the new school year.

“Everything in the three portacabins has been destroyed. This includes all the schools equipment, the pupils work and the pupils files along with all the work the teachers may have prepared for the new term.

“The entire episode will cause major disruption. While some of the classes are taught in the local community centre we, as a community, will have to find temporary accommodation for the other classes and nursery that used these portacabins in order to minimise the upset to the pupils.

“I would call on anybody who saw anything suspicious, especially around the hours of 4-30 to six to contact the PSNI straight away and give them what information is there. This attack is an attack on our children’s future and those behind it need to be apprehended. “

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