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Minister Martin being economical with the truth - Morgan

31 August, 2009

Sinn Fein Dail TD Arthur Morgan has accused Minister for Foreign Affairs of 'being economical with the truth so the so called legally binding guarantees.'


Deputy Morgan said:


"Post referendum surveys indicated that 40% of those who voted against Lisbon were concerned with the impact on workers rights. What did the government come back with? A meaningless declaration that will do nothing to improve the rapidly deteriorating situation for workers across the EU.


"The declaration agreed at the European Council meeting in June does not give the EU any new instruments toi promote or protect workers rights and will do nothing to reverse the backward trend in workers terms and conditions as a result of European Court of Justice decisions such as Lavall and Ruffert.


"Another touchstone issue for the electorate was Ireland's loss of influence. Contrary to Minister Martin’s claim the government has not secured a permanent Commissioner for every country including Ireland. Rather they have secured a temporary stay of execution. The Lisbon Treaty proposal to reduce the size of the Commission remains and if the Treaty is ratified it is my firm belief that this provision will be implemented in 2014.' ENDS

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