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Derry needs 500 new social homes today - Hassan

1 September, 2009

Sinn Féin Councillor for the Greater Shantallow Area and Housing spokesperson on Derry City Council, Tony Hassan, has said that 500 new social homes are needed today and an additional 200 homes each year for the next 3 years to solve the homeless problem in the city.

Cllr Hassan said,

“The situation is that bad in the city that if 500 new social homes became available today it would not solve the homeless problem that we face in the Derry City Council area.

“At a recent public forum in the verbal arts centre in Derry hosted by the Social Development Minister, Margaret Ritchie MLA, I asked the Minister what message could she give to the homeless people in the city and when would they have new homes of their own? Her answer was that Derry would get its fair share of social housing.

“The Minister then went on to say that this fair share would come in the shape of developments at sites such as the former Rosemount Barracks , and the United Technology Site at Bligh’s lane which has not got full planning permission and which also needs a full consultation with the residents of those areas. So in effect the Minister is promising nothing to the homeless people of the Derry area except for hope and optimism, which I don’t think will put a roof over people’s heads.

Cllr, Hassan finished by saying:

“These fudge answers by the DSD and Housing Executive will not fool the 1,450 Homeless people who are waiting for Social homes in the city. These people need a strategy to be put in place that will secure social housing in the numbers that is required.” ENDS

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