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Latest motion clearly shows SDLP are pro 11+

9 September, 2009 - by John O'Dowd

Latest motion clearly shows SDLP are pro 11+


Sinn Féin Education spokesperson John O’ Dowd MLA has said the latest motion from the SDLP to the Assembly calling for the reintroduction of the 11plus finally confirms what he has suspected for a long time that they are in fact “closet selectionists” who have now jumped out of the closet!


Mr O’ Dowd said


“The SDLP has learned nothing from the half century debate around the calls for the ending of the 11plus. At each and every occasion when progressive elements within education and politics have combined to end the unjust system of the 11plus the elitists selectionist lobby has managed to garner an eleventh hour reprieve. The SDLP are now championing that reprieve.


“The SDLP energy would be better used lobbying those small number of selectionist schools to end their unjust, unnecessary testing system which marginalises children and tells them at the age of 10 that they are failures.


Concluding Mr O’ Dowd said


 “The 11 plus is gone and will not be reintroduced, the Catholic Sector has stated that it will end selection within 2 years and the Post Primary Sector and Primary Sector are urging the rest of those schools hanging onto selection to do the same.


“The SDLP has failed the test, they do not have the strength of their own convictions, they have failed to stand by their party policy and have failed to learn from the history of this debate.”ENDS

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