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Lisbon Treaty & Fianna Fáil will both damage our economy – Ó Snodaigh

9 September, 2009 - by Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD

Speaking this afternoon in response to Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin's claim that the Lisbon Treaty was good for workers and the economy Sinn Féin spokesperson on European Affairs Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD said:

“The two single biggest threats to our economy are Fianna Fail in government and the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

“Fianna Fail's mismanagement of the economy is directly responsible for spiralling unemployment, the banking crisis, the public deficit and the crisis in our public services. Neither Micheál Martin nor any other member of this government are in a position to advise the electorate on what is and is not in our economic interests. Indeed if the Minister was truly interested in getting the Irish economy back on the road to recovery he would advise his Fianna Fáil and Green Party colleagues to resign.

“Micheal Martin's claims that the Lisbon Treaty would assist economic recovery and protect workers rights are equally spurious. Indeed in his lengthy statement today he did not reference a single article in the Treaty that would help create jobs or promote workers pay and conditions.

“In Sinn Fein's view ratifying the Lisbon Treaty will have the opposite effect to that claimed by Micheál Martin. Article 16 gives the European Commission new powers to subject services to the rules of competition which will undermine vital public services such as health and education. Article 188C gives the Commission increased powers for the negotiation and conclusion of international trade agreements which will effectively end the Irish government's veto over mixed international trade deals and undermine the viability of many of the countries family farms. The Protocol on the Internal Market and Competition mandates the EU to remove all so called 'distortions' to competition, which will be used by both the European Commission and European Court of Justice to further undermine workers pay and conditions.

“These are just three of the sections of the Lisbon Treaty that are bad for the Irish economy and for ordinary working people.

“The Lisbon Treaty was drafted by the very same right wing politicians who led Ireland and the EU into recession. It contains many of the same right wing policies that have underpinned the recession. The fact that Fianna Fáil are calling for people to support Lisbon, at the very same time as calling for support for NAMA and savage cutbacks to health and education, should be reason enough to realise that it is a bad deal for Ireland and Europe.

“On this basis the Lisbon Treaty should be rejected by the electorate on October 2nd.” ENDS

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