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Attacks on community should not be tolerated - McCartney

11 September, 2009 - by Raymond McCartney

 Describing the bombing of a van belonging to a local businessman in Shantallow as an attack on the community Sinn Féin spokesperson, Raymond McCartney MLA (Foyle) said:

"I totally condemn this action and offer support to the businessman and his family. This family is a part of our community and I would call on the community to show solidarity with them at this time. 

"While most people are working to build a peaceful and democratic future it would seem that a miniscule and unrepresentative group think that by carrying out cowardly actions based on spurious excuses they will frustrate continued progress. They will not succeed and should stop their activity before it leads to the killing of more innocent people. 

"We regularly hear from spokespersons for these disparate groups about harassment of their members. While this is wrong and Sinn Féin has publicly condemned these tactics carried out by the PSNI, likewise we will not shirk from condemning violent actions by these groups. The political conditions now exist for all opinion and political goals to be pursued through peaceful and democratic means.

"If these groups have a political strategy and feel that there is public support for it then it is incumbent on them to put that analysis before the people to guage that support. But then again the fact that they could not find a candidate to oppose Sinn Féin at the European elections, I believe shows that they know there is little or no support for their activity and were afraid that they would be humilated at the ballot box"

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