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Kelly calls for action after case against PSNI withdrawn by DPP

1 March, 2004

Speaking after the withdrawal by the DPP of a case against seven PSNI members today, Gerry Kelly MLA for North Belfast said.

"This is not the first time that the D.P.P. has refused to pursue important cases against members of the RUC or PSNI.

It raises questions about the independence and lack of public accountability in the prosecution service. Who will police the prosecution service and their relationship with the PSNI and the Forensic services.

Sinn Féin argued for a new Criminal Justice system and it is crucial that the new Criminal Justice Bill now going through Westminister makes the DPP accountable, especially in decisions not to prosecute in controversial cases such as the Raymond Boyle case. To quote the old maxim 'Justice does not just need to be done - it needs to be seen to be done'.

"The independence of the Forensic Science agency is also in question. It depends on the PSNI for 75% of its workload and should not be housed on the same premises as the PSNI. The cosy relationship between these three agencies must come to an end. Accountability is the key to this"ENDS

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