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Sinn Féin write to Governments regarding Review

1 March, 2004

Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness has written to the two governments in relation to their proposal to restrict the Review meeting tomorrow to the single issue of paramilitarism. Mr. McGuinness has informed the governments that Sinn Féin welcomes this opportunity to discuss matters relating to this subject which are of concern to us.

Mr. McGuinness said:

"Tomorrows meeting of the Review will focus solely on the issue of paramilitarism. The approach of single agenda meetings may well prove to be a success and certainly we will be seeking single issue meetings during the Review on a number of issues including the Electoral Register and the issue of collusion.

"For some time now Sinn Féín have been highlighting the effects of the orchestrated campaign being conducted by unionist paramilitaries against the nationalist community and against members of their own community. In fact unionist paramilitaries killed two people during the recent Assembly election campaign alone. The two governments have up until now resisted holding a special meeting on this topic. Tomorrows meeting will now provide that opportunity.

"We will also be seeking to raise with the unionist parties the links between the DUP and Ulster Resistance and the role of the UUP on the Loyalist Commission while a violent anti-Catholic campaign was underway. Our delegation will also be raising directly with the British government the continuing activities of their agents within the various unionist paramilitary gangs." ENDS

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