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Black hole in health care created by Northern Trust approval

24 September, 2009 - by Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Féin MLA for Mid Ulster and vice chair of the Health Committee Michelle O’Neill has stated that the Northern Trusts efficiency savings, approved today by the Health Minister Michael McGimpsey, will create a black hole is acute service provision for mid Ulster.

Speaking today Ms O’Neill said:

“The efficiency saving proposals of the Northern Trust approved by the Health Minister Michael McGimpsey will create a black hole in acute service provision for the Mid Ulster area.

“If we take Pomeroy for example, people living there do not live within the so called ‘golden hour’ for access to acute services. Taken alongside recent cuts to ambulance provision sections of mid Ulster are reverting back towards third world provision for health.

Michael mcGimpsey has stated two things, the first that Antrim and Causeway will be dealing with the acute intake of patience and that he scrutinised the Northern Trusts proposals carefully before approving them. I he had done so he would have realised that there is not the capacity in Antrim and Causeway do not currently have the capacity for this.

“It is now time for a clear policy change. We can no longer check cuts to health service through the current framework, it is simply not working. So called efficiency savings are affecting front line services and local people’s health provision.

“As such we in the health committee will be calling all the heads of the local trusts and the permanent secretary of the health department to meet with us to press this point home and analyse the impact of the comprehensive spending review on the ground.”

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