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Language experts presentation is further proof of why we need effective action on language legislation – McElduff

24 September, 2009 - by Barry McElduff

Sinn Féin MLA and Chair of the Culture, Arts and Leisure committee Barry McElduff has today praised those officials from the Dublin, Welsh and Scottish Governments who made presentations to that committee on the issue of best practice in language legislation.

Speaking from Stormont this afternoon Mr McElduff:

“I am grateful to the officials who today, put into perspective very clearly for us, the many benefits they have achieved as a result of effective, rights based legislation which protects and promotes indigenous languages.

Once again all domestic and international expertise indicates the advances that this type of legislation can make to society, business, education and the arts.

They also showed how legislation like this can effectively help to depoliticise the whole question of language rights and issues.

Unfortunately the British Government has still not lived up to it’s obligations under the European Charter and the Saint Andrew’s Agreement; the DUP have also failed to adhere to their responsibilities in DCAL in terms of implementing the Charter, bringing forward an Acht Gaeilge and bringing forward their own promised ‘Language Strategy’ for Irish.

Nelson McAusland will be before the Assembly in December and Sinn Féin will continue to put the necessary pressure on him to bring forward all this very necessary legislation.” CRÍOCH

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