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Blaney should listen to what people say not what he thinks they said – Martin McGuinness

19 October, 2009 - by Westminster

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MP, MLA has dismissed comments attributed to him by Fianna Fáil TD, Niall Blaney.

Martin McGuinness said:

"I had the pleasure recently of addressing the Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce Lunch which was also attended by Deputy Blaney. Perhaps if Deputy Blaney had been listening he wouldn't look so foolish in his interpretation of the Sinn Féin position of the Lisbon Treaty vote. Far from differing from my Dáil and Seanad colleagues and all of those Sinn Féin activists who campaigned against the Treaty I very clearly articulated the Party's firm position on the Treaty.

"Where Deputy Blaney gets confused is when he gets mixed up between my articulation of Sinn Féin's view that Ireland should be at the heart of Europe – a position regularly put forward by Party Vice-President, Mary Lou McDonald – and my comment on the result of the recent European election in the North relevant to the challenge by Jim Allister. I said that Jim Allister received 11% of the vote which meant that over 80% of those voting supported 'pro-Agreement' parties which was even more than voted for the Agreement itself. Not 'pro European' candidates. A good lesson for Deputy Blaney would be to learn to listen to what people say, not what he thinks they said." ENDS

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