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DUP need to stop grandstanding

29 October, 2009 - by Pat Sheehan, Westminster

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams speaking at a press conference said:

“The DUP appear to be putting up a pre-condition that Orange Order parades and the issues around them have to be resolved before the powers on Policing and Justice can be transferred.

This is totally and absolutely unacceptable.

Furthermore the Westminster grandstanding isn’t a genuine or sincere or serious attempt to resolve the issue of contentious orange parades seeking to march through catholic areas where they are unwelcome.

The deal is done on Policing and Justice.

There are a number of outstanding issues that have to be resolved by the Executive parties which is a four party coalition. But this can be done without a lot of angst.

Unionists need to ask what the DUP is playing at.

Peter Robinson in New York publicly said that if financial package was agreed that he would go out and sell it.

Well, the financial package has been agreed.

Citizens are concerned about safety in the home, about safety in public places, about safety for vulnerable members of society, about criminality and anti-social behaviour and about victims of crime.

They want their legislators to have the power to make laws to tackle these issues.

The Police are for Transfer now. So too are the judicial authorities and the Police Federation, and the DUP when you press them say they are for it too.

So, the DUP needs to get their act in order and obey the communal imperative on this issue.

Their play acting is eroding the confidence the DUP claims to be seeking. They need to get real." ENDS

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