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Sinn Féin Comment on Kelly Report

4 November, 2009

Commenting on the publication of Christopher Kelly’s report into Westminster expenses, Sinn Féin MP Conor Murphy said:

“There is deep public anger over the abuse of allowances by MPs at Westminster. There is anger at the systematic ripping off of tax payer’s money from those elected to high office and anger at the complete lack of transparency and accountability. Not only does the system need to change, there is a need for a change in political culture.

“Sinn Féin MPs do not take our seats at Westminster but we represent our constituents every single day of the week on social and economic matters and in relation to the peace process.

“We made a submission to Christopher Kelly’s Review. His recommendations mirror our view in a number of key areas. We support his call to end public money being used in mortgage interest payments for second homes, an end to the communications allowance, the ending of the employment of MPs family members and the phasing out of the dual mandate.

“It is important that public confidence in the political process is restored. This can only happen with the ending of the corrupt practices which have become common place for many within the Westminster system. Sinn Féin and those who vote for us expect the highest standards from all of our public representatives. We will continue to act in an open and transparent manner. “


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