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Real SDLP attitude on Policing and Justice exposed

11 November, 2009 - by Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Féin Mid-Ulster MLA Michelle O'Neill has said that SDLP MLA Patsy McGlone should explain to the public why he refers to the Policing and Justice debate as a ‘big yawn’.

Speaking this evening Ms O’Neill said;

“On his twitter page Patsy McGlone refers to Sinn Féin as 'the provies' on a number of occasions but most surprisingly yesterday afternoon he tweets: "Just out of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, gonna get a cuppa, then in for debate on policing and justice:-O(big yawn!)" and today he is thankful for being "Back to the real world after yesterday!"

“If Patsy finds a debate on policing and justice so boring, then why is his party making such a fuss about holding the Ministry? Why did his SDLP Assembly colleagues speak for three hours on it? And what do his constituents in Mid-Ulster think about it? I'm sure and certain they do not believe crime and anti-social behaviour is not part of the "real world", or that having an accountable police service and judiciary is a "big yawn!"

These types of attitudes expose clearly the SDLP's interest in policing and justice as being purely about selfish political ends. All they've done on the issue is attack Sinn Féin and even more strange is when one of their leading Assembly Members finds the whole issue so boring!” CRÍOCH

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