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Working together towards entitlement

16 November, 2009 - by Caitríona Ruane

Easier access to more courses with greater relevance to pupils will help them achieve their full potential.

That is the vision set out by the Education Minister, Caitríona Ruane, as she published the “Together Towards Entitlement” Report today in the Assembly.

The report covered two areas – the Entitlement Framework and an area-based approach to planning.

Commenting on the Report, the Minister said: “By planning the schools’ estate with the pupils’ needs in mind, rather than the institutions, we can ensure they have greater choice, flexibility, equality and access to a wider range of subjects which they are interested in.

“The ‘Together Towards Entitlement’ Report sets out the steps which need to be taken in order to achieve an area-based planning approach to the schools’ estate and deliver the Entitlement Framework by 2013.

“Since receiving the ‘Together Towards Entitlement’ report in July I have been carefully considering their findings and recommendations. I have concluded that these are a robust set of recommendations which provide a pragmatic approach to delivering the Entitlement Framework and a rigorous testing of an area-based approach to planning.

“One clear message from the report is that the pace of change needs to be quickened. Schools need to demonstrate how they will effectively deliver the Entitlement Framework and maximise choice for young people in the future.

“A key recommendation from the report is that the Sustainable Schools policy should be accelerated, and I have already commissioned a review of current capital projects to validate that all are consistent with our policy framework.

“In order to disseminate the findings of the report across the north of Ireland there will be a series of seminars held for interested parties.

“I would thank all involved in the Central and Area groups, who gave of their time to develop this important document, which has the potential to improve on the delivery of education for our young people.”

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