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"Be careful what you ask for Helen..." Councillor Maeve McLaughlin‏

23 November, 2009

Sinn Féin Council Group Leader Maeve McLaughlin responding to a call by Helen Quigley for free on street parking to be introduced in Derry in line with a scheme announced for Belfast by DRD Minister Conor Murphy said:


“Once more Helen Quigley in her haste to grab headlines failed to consider the ramifications of her demands. First of all what is appropriate for Belfast or Newry may not suit the needs of shoppers in Derry. Any proposals must be thought out and be responsive to local needs.


“First of all on street parking in Derry City Centre is free all day although restricted to an hour at a time. In Belfast on the other hand drivers have to pay parking meter fees before 6pm. What the Minister has introduced in Belfast is to give them the same conditions for one and a half hours that Derry Drivers enjoy all day.


“Or is Helen suggesting that we should introduce parking fees in Derry City Centre up until 4.30 pm in order to bring us in line with Belfast.


"Helen the old saying comes to mind ‘Be careful what you wish for’.”

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