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Gerry McHugh fast becoming a figure of political ridicule – Ní Chuilín

1 December, 2009 - by Carál Ní Chuilín

Sinn Féin Assembly Chief Whip Caral Ní Chuilin has described Gerry McHugh as fast becoming a figure of political ridicule following his latest political summersault and his announcement that he has now joined Fianna Fail.

Ms Ní Chuilin said;

“Gerry McHugh has now become a figure of political ridicule in Stormont and within his own constituency.

“Some months ago Gerry McHugh allocated his vote within the Stormont Assembly Commission to the SDLP block. Now, in the last few days, he announces he is joining Fianna Fail.

“When he leftSinn Féin and refused to give up his seat he stated that Sinn Féin was not republican enough.He told us all then that he would continue as an MLA and give leadership like Frank Maguire and Bobby Sands. Yet he is now telling the republican electorate of Fermanagh South Tyrone that he is comfortable within Fianna Fail.

“This is the party that endorsed NAMA, the Lisbon Treaty and is now considering cutting the budgets of Cross Border Bodies to save money.

“His hypocrisy is breathtaking and his credibility rating both here at Stormont and within his own constituency must now be at absolute zero.

Concluding Carál Ní Chuilin said;

“Mr McHugh’s political hypocrisy is clear for all to see.His latest political sidestep will fool no one, least of all the republican people of Fermanagh, South Tyrone. ” ENDS

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