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Adams calls for Workers to be reinstated

9 March, 2004

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP has called on the direct rule Minister Ian Pearson to immediately intervene and reinstate those Nipsa members suspended yesterday from their civil service jobs for taking part in industrial action.

Mr Adams said:

"The industrial dispute within the Civil Service has been allowed to escalate principally because of a lack of leadership being shown by the Minister Ian Pearson. The approach taken by the Minister to attempts to resolve the dispute through negotiation has been extremely disappointing.

"The suspension of workers taking part in an industrial dispute is wrong, it should not happen and it makes the prospect of a resolution of this dispute more difficult. The suspended workers should be reinstated to their jobs immediately.

"Ian Pearson claims to be a member of a Labour party yet he is happy to preside over this situation. It is time for him to show leadership and sit down and engage in a constructive manner with the Nipsa representatives and find a fair resolution to this matter." ENDS

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