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Labour Party pre-budget submission “anti-worker” – Morgan

4 December, 2009

Sinn Féin Finance Spokesperson Arthur Morgan has described the Labour Party’s pre-budget submission as “anti-worker” and criticised the party for subscribing to the Fianna Fáil analysis of the economy.

Speaking today after the Labour Party published its pre-budget submission Deputy Morgan said:

“Labour's submission is anti-worker. They say they agree with the €1.3 billion in savings needed from the public sector and agree with the need for €4 billion adjustment.

“Why are they subscribing to the Fianna Fáil analysis of the economy? Fianna Fáil plucked the €1.3 billion in savings out of the air and Labour are now giving them ideas on how to do it.

“Labour distances itself again from the unions. They want a commitment not to strike, so they are taking away workers' rights while advising how their pay should be cut. They also want to see trade union membership tax reliefs abolished.

“Finally, the Labour Party needs to explain where some of their figures came from. The €800 million they suggest as possible savings to the revenue from property reliefs is suspicious and nothing like the figures the Dept of Finance have been able to provide.” ENDS

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