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IMC ignores British and Unionist breaches

9 March, 2004

Responding to remarks made today by members of the International Monitoring Commission Sinn Féin Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin accused the IMC 'of ignoring totally the reality of unionist paramilitary violence, while instead focusing on allegations from securocrats opposed to the peace process'.

Mr. McLaughlin said:

"Comments from members of the IMC today expose the real agenda of the British government. By its own admission the IMC is not an honest broker. It is not independent and its remit is outside the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

"The IMC was established as a sop to unionism and to advance the agenda of those elements within the British system who are opposed to the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement.

"Any IMC report will be based upon so called intelligence provided by securocrats who are clearly already working to an anti-peace process and anti-Sinn Féin agenda.

"Since the IMC was established there have been hundreds of incidents of sectarian violence carried out by unionist paramilitaries including two murders. There has been evidence of continuing collusion by British state forces, we have had the suspension of the political institutions by the British government and the refusal of unionist politicians to participate in the institutions, all of this in breach of the Agreement.

"Many people are outraged at the continual fixation with alleged republican activity while all of the time ignoring the reality of unionist violence and British government breaches of the Agreement." ENDS

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