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Budget will be devastating for poorer communities – McDonald

11 December, 2009

Speaking at a press conference this morning organised by the United Alliance Against Cuts (UAAC) Sinn Féin Vice President Mary Lou McDonald said the consequences of this budget for poorer communities will be absolutely devastating. Ms McDonald said the Government has lost the plot and must be replaced.

Ms McDonald said:

“This Government is attacking people who are currently only just threading water in terms of trying to survive. The consequences of this budget, particularly on poorer communities, will be absolutely devastating as will the consequences for the economy as a whole.

“The challenge for the Government was not only to fix the economy and the public finances but also to protect society.

“They have failed to protect any citizens that rely on welfare or are struggling on low pay. They have failed to provide any vision or plan around employment.

“What they have offered is a recipe for despair and division, a recipe for further unemployment and a strategy that is fundamentally about driving people into poverty and debt.

“I think now at Christmas time that it is absolutely sick that we have a Government that would inflict this kind of pain on its citizens.

“Now is the moment for people to say enough is enough. People who live on welfare, people who struggle on low pay now need to stand up for themselves and for each other.

“It goes without saying that this Government has got to go. They have quite frankly lost the plot. They think it is politically and ethically ok to target the weak, the vulnerable and those who have least. That to me is a Government that is not only past its sell-by-date it is a Government that is deeply dangerous for the country.” ENDS

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