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NIE formally launch planning application for North/South interconnector

15 December, 2009 - by Cathal Boylan

Sinn Féin MLA for Newry/Armagh Cathal Boylan has said that the people of Armagh and Tyrone will be deeply disappointed to hear that NIE have formally submitted a planning application for the North/South interconnector. Mr Boylan who is also his party’s spokesperson on planning said that the community will continue to campaign against the proposed pylons.

“Sinn Féin supports the proposal for an all-Ireland energy system that will benefit the consumer. That can best be met by putting any proposed interconnector underground. Sinn Féin also supports the public, through groups like NEPP and SEAT, in its call for that.

"The Cavan to Tyrone electricity interconnector has been a worrying and emotive subject for the public who live along the proposed route. The reason for that concern is the fear of health risks connected to overhead power lines that carry up to 400 kV.

"The public not only needs reassurance on health issues, but there are also concerns of the detrimental environmental impact of 40 km of pylons - irrespective of their size - in the North and 40 km in the South, which will cut across the drumlins of Monaghan, Armagh and the other counties.

"Any planning application must take into account that these pylons will be visibly intrusive and impact adversely not only on the environment but on property and land prices in the affected areas and i look forward to the reading the Environmental statement submitted with this application.

"The concerns should not only be about cost, because ultimately the consumer will pay, they are about the health of future generations who will live near the interconnector.

“Sinn Fein will continue to support the community in their fight against proposals for this project to be built above ground.” CRÍOCH

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