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Poor will pay the price for weak Copenhagen text

20 December, 2009 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Speaking from the Copenhagen climate talks after world leaders failed to produce an agreement that would effectively tackle climate change, Irish GUE/NGL MEP Bairbre de Brun criticised the myopia of the COP-15 outcome and called for reinforced determination from climate justice campaigners.

Ms de Brun said: "This document which the summit decided to 'take note of' clearly shows that the work was not done in time for Copenhagen and was not done at Copenhagen either. This lamentable lack of political leadership sends the wrong signals.

Unless people across the world now tell their leaders we need much more courage and ambition from them the chances of effectively tackling climate change are nil.

Ms de Brun said:
"It is left to Mexico at the end of 2010 to try and find the legally binding deal we should have negotiated here. We have not even given them the right tools to work with.

“The vague and badly written political declaration is a disaster for those hit hardest by climate change in the developing world. We needed ambitious targets on emissions reductions, clear sources for the substantial new finance needed and clear commitments, measures, and procedures on a range of other issues in order to limit the global increase in temperature to less than 2 degrees celsius.

Without these the future of the planet looks bleak.”

“For those who want climate justice, the tragedy and waste of this COP-15 must give way to even greater determination to see a substantial agreement struck during 2010 to avert catastrophic climate change.”

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