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Derry Mayor, Paul Fleming congratulates Derry members of the Viva Palestina Convoy on their arrival in Gaza

7 January, 2010


Cllr Paul Fleming, Mayor of Derry, congratulated the Viva Palestina medical aid Convoy, especially the five Derry participants, on its arrival in Gaza City.


Speaking after hearing of the safe arrival of the convoy Mayor Paul Fleming said:


“The terrible situation facing innocent men, women and children in Gaza in the aftermath of the Israeli invasion last year is an urgent humanitarian crisis that demands a response from the international community.


“Hundreds of people, including children, have died in Gaza because of the lack of medicine and equipment as a result of the Israeli siege which also denies them the opportunity to leave Gaza for treatment elsewhere. The use of innocent civilians as weapons in any conflict is a disgrace and the international community  must act to bring it to an end.


“The convoy has at last arrived in Gaza and is a shining example of humanity standing up for right against a terrible wrong. It is with pride as Mayor of this city and district that I salute the Derry people who participtated in this convoy. Our city once again is at the heart of a humanitarian response to the plight of a beleagured Palestinian people.

“The participants in this convoy should be applauded along with all the other people from so many countries who have shown such determination in  to bring this vital aid to the people of Palestine.


“I look forward to meeting the “Derry to Gaza 5” when they return to our City within the next week.”

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