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Parades preconditions on policing will not work - Adams

28 January, 2010 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has reiterated his party’s position that any precondition on parades ahead of the transfer of policing and justice powers simply will not work.

Speaking today at Hillsborough Mr Adams said;

"We came here at the beginning of the week determined to see the outstanding St Andrews and Good Friday Agreement commitments implemented; that remains our focus.

This morning we met with both governments and with the DUP, to establish if further progress can be made.”

Responding to a question on contentious parades Mr Adams concluded;

“Anybody who thinks that the price of policing and justice is a walk down the Garvaghy Road or Ardoyne is just ridiculous. We want to see a resolution to the issue of contentious parades. Aside from wanting to build relationships with those from the Orange tradition we also represent the vast majority of people in those communities who are directly effected by contentious parades. However, everybody knows that issues in the talks need to be dealt with in their own right – as outstanding elements of the Good Friday and St Andrews Agreements. This does not include allowing Orange marches into areas without the invitation or consent of local people.” CRÍOCH

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