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Government inaction on unemployment forcing Irish people out of the country – Ó Snodaigh

3 February, 2010 - by Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD

He said:

“The New Year has brought nothing to the people of this State but misery. Social welfare was slashed, thousands of homes are being repossessed and more and more people have become unemployed, as today’s figures show.

“The Government had an opportunity to make a New Year’s resolution to make employment in 2010, to foster an atmosphere conducive to enterprise and to make sure people had a decent means of living. But as far as I can tell the Government are working from a blueprint that is making the opposite a reality- poverty, social inequality and homelessness.

“They have left many thousands of Irish people with no other option other than to emigrate. In fact the unemployment figure of 436,936 would be much higher had it not been for the thousands who have already left out shores.

“The people of this State deserve better than Mary Coughlan as Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment. How many more people have to become unemployed and reliant on social welfare before she adopts a proper strategy for getting Ireland back to work?

“The Tánaiste, and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, needs to get serious about unemployment. An unemployment rate of 12.7% is not acceptable. It is people’s lives and their welfare that is being ruined, and if Deputy Coughlan is not up to the challenge of taking Ireland out of the worst unemployment crisis this State has ever seen, her position as Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment needs to be relinquished immediately.

“Today’s figures also highlight the false promises of jobs by the yes side in last year’s referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. We all seen the posters that called for a ‘Yes for jobs’ during that campaign yet here we are four months later and unemployment is still spiralling. What an insult that is to the Irish electorate.”

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