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O'Dowd congratulates children entering post primary education

6 February, 2010 - by John O'Dowd

Sinn Féin Education spokesperson John O’Dowd MLA has offered warm wishes to all children transferring from primary to post primary education reiterating his conviction that no school should select or reject any child based on the outdated procedure of Academic selection.

Mr O’Dowd stated,

“All the children who sat Entrance Tests deserve to be congratulated no matter what result they have achieved, as do those children who did not sit tests. They all have a bright educational future to look forward to.

“ I and many others feel that it was totally unnecessary to put these children through this trauma . Figures released in December 2009 on Grades accepted by grammar schools, showed that the majority of grammar schools accepted grades from A through to D.

“Parents rightly ask, why did these schools put children through the charade of testing when in fact they will accept all grades and none to fill their classrooms? That question once again will rebound in many homes as it becomes clear that the schools which insisted on testing, will accept all and any to keep up their school numbers.

“I am encouraged that more and more parents are deciding not to put their children through the experience of sitting entrance tests and I hope that the grammar sector will now begin to embrace the changes needed to bring equality into our schools.

Concluding Mr O’ Dowd said:

“Academic selection is socially unjust and educationally unnecessary. Grammar Schools themselves have proven that. Educational excellence is achievable without selecting and rejecting children.

“ I once again call on Grammar schools to accept the reality of their own position and work with their educational partners in Primary and Post-Primary schools rather than continuing the charade of putting children through tests the results of which they have diluted to the point of being meaningless. CRIOCH

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