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Jobs at the heart of £20 million Irish Language investment – McElduff

16 February, 2010 - by Barry McElduff

Sinn Féin chair of the Culture, Arts and Leisure Committee Barry McElduff MLA has said that yesterdays announcement by the British Government of a £20 million investment in Irish language projects will have tangible economic benefits throughout the community.

Speaking this morning he said;

“The reality of the situation is that this money will see £12 million going to extend the Irish Language Broadcasting Fund; this will provide job security and further opportunities for actors, presenters, directors, producers, editors, cameramen, sound engineers, wardrobe assistants, set designers, the list is endless. It will also see training opportunities for young people who wish to pursue careers in the world of broadcasting and media.

I am sure and certain that the many people who work within this industry will celebrate yesterday’s announcement.

On top of the extension of the broadcasting fund, we will also see £8 million towards the development of a number of infrastructural projects, bearing in mind that this sector has been an underfunded and often overlooked one over a long number of years. It is the job of government to provide support in the form of financial top-ups to community driven projects which meet the objectives of a variety of government departments.

I was disappointed but not particularly surprised that yesterday’s news was met with hostility from the usual naysayers, however the vast majority of our citizens recognise not only the cultural benefits of developing the Irish language but also the ever increasing economic and employment benefits too.” CRÍOCH

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