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Morgan attacks Fine Gael plans to cut social welfare and sell off state assets

23 February, 2010

Speaking today in the Dáil, on a Private Members Motion on unemployment, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Enterprise, Trade and Employment Arthur Morgan TD expressed concerns over Fine Gael’s plans to cut social welfare and to sell off vital state assets.

Morgan said:

Cutting Social Welfare will not solve the problem of unemployment. Sinn Féin vehemently opposed the cuts to Social Welfare in Budget 2010 that saw jobseeker’s allowance being cut for young people under 25. What we need to remember is that these young people on jobseekers allowance have already undergone a means test which demonstrates that they have no or limited alternative income.”

Speaking about Fine Gael’s NewERA stimulus package, Morgan said:

“I would be unsupportive of a stimulus package that would sell off State assets. Nevermore could the dangers of privatisation be more relevant. Look at the case of SR Technics, formerly FLS Aerospace, formerly Team Aer Lingus which emerged from the mechanical and engineering section of a public sector company Aer Lingus. This is a classic example of where the privatisation agenda takes us; how it leaves workers on the dole queue.

“All we need to do is look at recent events to know that privatisation is detrimental for employment. Jobs are being held at ransom to the interests of big business. Where the Government cannot provide jobs themselves, we have to rely on big fish to bring in jobs.

“The former employees of SR Technics are in limbo. The government sold off Aer Lingus, failed to retain their jobs, failed to create alternative employment for them and now failed to guarantee them education, upskilling and training.” ENDS

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