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More nonsense from UUP - Kelly

8 March, 2010 - by Gerry Kelly

Responding to claims by the UUP that Martin McGuinness ‘threw them out’ of a meeting in his office today, Sinn Féin Assembly member Gerry Kelly said:

“It probably says much of the current state of the UUP that they go running to the media claiming that Martin McGuinness threw them out of his offices this afternoon. What actually happened was that the UUP requested a meeting with Martin McGuinness, Martin facilitated that meeting. Early in the meeting Fred Cobain stated that he wasn’t at the meeting with Martin McGuinness to listen to anything the Deputy First Minister wanted to say. Martin correctly pointed out that if that was the case there was little point in Mr Cobain continuing to be there. At that point Mr Cobain left the meeting followed in dribs and drabs by his party colleagues.

“I have to say it seems the UUP are determined to remain on the rejectionist hook they have put themselves on. The proposals they put forward last week to undermine the Good Friday Agreement, introduce multiple Executive vetoes and introduce majority rule by the back door are further evidence of this.” CRÍOCH

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