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Gerry Adams warned of another threat to his life

11 March, 2010 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin west Belfast MP Gerry Adams has revealed today that he has received a further warning from the PSNI that there is a threat to his life.

In his Blog Mr. Adams reveals that while he was launching 'The West Awakes' tourism project in An Cultúrlann on Wednesday, in the course of the launch he got; "word from home that the PSNI had called”.

Writing on his Blog, Léargas, Mr Adams revealed;

“They were there to warn us that my life was in imminent danger.

“Intelligence”, Collette was told, “has received information that Mr. Adams is to be executed by the ‘Real UFF, C Company’ ”.

Regular readers will know that the UFF is pysedenom for the UDA. As part of the fiction employed during the conflict the UDA, an armed loyalist paramilitary group – a legal entity for most of its existence – invented the title Ulster Freedom Fighters to claim many of its actions. C Company was the gang run by Johnny Adair a notorious drugs pusher and extortionist and sectarian thug.

As is now well known, the UDA has decommissioned and more sensible elements are showing leadership and making a real effort to engage with the peace and political process.

This Blog has no special intelligence on the status of the group calling itself the Real UFF C Company, but the threat level against Sinn Féin representatives and our families has heightened considerably in recent months.

Ironically the threats comes from so-called dissidents on the fringes of nationalism as well as their blood brothers on the fringes of unionism.

Like Adair’s group many of these are more interested in their own self gain and vanity than in any political cause.

Anyway it has been a mark of the peace process that some irreconcilable elements, including reprobates within the British system, prefer instability to progress. So we have to take these threats seriously. Former Belfast Mayor Alex Maskey, himself a victim of a number of murder attempts, put it well when he was told his life was once again in danger; “We will not” he said, “be intimidated. We have work to do and we will do it”.

So say all of us.” CRÍOCH

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