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Governing Bodies Association are clutching at straws - O'Dowd

24 March, 2010 - by John O'Dowd

Sinn FeinEducation spokesperson John O’ Dowd has said the Governing Bodies Association are clutching at straws in their latest attempt to dissuade grammar schools moving away from the outdated process of Academic selection.

Mr O ‘ Dowd said

“The latest negative intervention by the GBA shows that it is acutely aware that many grammar schools are not only keen to move away from Academic selection but are actually preparing plans to do so.

“The GBA is trying to scare schools off by talk of legal challenges and talk of Development Proposals as if such Proposals were beyond the capability of the schools involved and would in some way be a blockage to progress.

"The Education Minister has made it clear to all that her department’s door is open to such schools seeking change and that assistance will be offered to assist schools through what is a routine procedure."

Concluding Mr O’ Dowd said

The GBA would better serve the grammar sector by engaging positively in the process of change which is coming down the tracks at the them rather than believing that the ways of the 20th century will continue to reign over an education system which requires a 21st century approach.

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