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Orange Orders Anti-Catholic Nature Laid Bare

25 March, 2010

Reacting to a statement from the Orange Order calling for their members to protest against the papal visit to Britain later this year, Sinn Féin Assembly member Daithi McKay today said ‘that the mask had slipped on the Orders claims to be little more than a cultural organisation’.

Mr McKay said:

“For sometime now the Orange Order have been bogusly claiming to be a non threatening cultural club. They have been claiming public monies to promote their activities as open to all. However the reality is they are an anti-Catholic organisation. This statement calling for protests against the papal visit to Britain confirms this.

“They are now firmly in the camp of the British far right in organising opposition to this visit. The mask has clearly slipped and the recent public relations efforts of the Order now lie in tatters.

“At a time when politicians and others are trying to put together a better way of dealing with contentious Orange parades this statement is extremely unhelpful.

“The Orange Order must recognise that this sort of sectarian intervention will inflame tensions especially as we head into the marching season. Given this reality many people will be rightly questioning the motivation behind this statement at this time.” ENDS

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