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Adams praises Family of Frank 'bap' McGreevy

25 March, 2010 - by Pat Sheehan, Westminster


West Belfast MP Gerry Adams has commended the family of Frank ‘bap’ McGreevy for their dignity and resolve as the man convicted of murdering him was sentenced in court today.


Mr Adams said that the extent of community support for the McGreevy family and for the PSNI investigation ensured that the matter was brought before the courts. Mr. Adams said:


"The PSNI murder investigation has been successful. The PSNI investigators at an early stage of the investigation indicated to me that they had never undertaken a murder investigation with such widespread community support. Although the McGreevy family has raised concerns about the possible involvement of other people alleged to have been involved, the conviction of Thomas Valliday is something they have welcomed."


"There are also questions that need to be asked about Thomas Valliday; who approved his release from prison in the days before the murder of ‘Bap’ McGreevy ; what assessment of risk was made to support his release ; on what basis did the courts approve his release; what safeguards were put in place upon his release, including supervision; and what interactions took place between the criminal justice agencies after he was known to have absconded; and with what urgency was he pursued."


"Those questions were not asked during this trial. Those questions still need to be answered, not only for the sake of the McGreevy family but also in the interests of public safety."


"One positive legacy in the aftermath of Frank McGreevy's murder and the previous murders of Harry Holland and John Mongan, has been the formation of the West Belfast Community Safety Forum. That Forum has recently received an impeccable report from the Criminal Justice Inspectorate and   NIO Minister Paul Goggins has agreed to contribute funding towards the continuation of the Forum for the next year. I hope that is something we can build on for the future, to esnure that the citizens of west Belfast are free to live in peace and safety, free from harm and crime."

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