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Irish Unity and economic imperative – McDonald

4 April, 2010

Speaking at the annual Easter Commemoration in Bandon, County Cork today, Sinn Féin Vice President Mary Lou McDonald called on the Government to move beyond the rhetoric and live up to their responsibilities and plan now for an orderly transition to a united Ireland.  Ms. McDonald said Irish Unity is an economic imperative.

She said:

“Sinn Féin is the only party with a strategy for the achievement Irish unity. Other nationalist parties on this island, and in particular the Irish Government, need to move beyond rhetoric, live up to their responsibilities and plan now for an orderly transition to a united Ireland.

“Over the last twelve months thousands of people came together in New York, San Francisco, Toronto and London at major conferences to put their weight behind the demand for Irish unity. This campaign is gathering momentum and will intensify in the year ahead.

“On our journey towards a united, independent Ireland, republicans seek to make peace with our unionist fellow countrymen and women. The new Ireland we seek is one in which the unionist section of our people feel secure. The fulfillment of the vision of 1916 will be the peaceful coming together of Orange and Green.

“This is not rhetoric. Irish unity, freedom for Ireland is not a pipe dream.  Irish Unity is not just a dearly held republican aspiration. It is an economic imperative. A united Ireland makes economic sense.

“Sinn Féin seeks the establishment of a republic on this island that is worthy of the name — one based on equality and social justice.

“Sinn Féin is working to build a united Irish economy. An economy that serves the needs of Irish society and not the other way around.

“The most pressing concern for Irish citizens right now is the dire economic conditions that our country faces. Unemployment in this state now exceeds 13%.

“The Fianna Fail and Green government have no coherent plan to resolve this crisis. They have sheltered the wrong doers, the bankers and the developers – their cronies.  They have pointed the finger of blame at public sector workers, they have punished families, children with special needs and young people who find themselves out of work or forced to emigrate.

“The Government persists with a strategy that is solely focused on cuts when what we need to do is stimulate the economy, keep people at work, create new work, boost consumer confidence and keep the wheels of the real economy turning.

“This government has failed the people and everything the Republican Proclamation of 1916 stands for.

“A Fine Gael led government will do nothing to help the people of this country get out of this economic crisis. Their policies, almost indistinguishable from the government, do not provide the radical departure needed.” ENDS

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