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Government sheltering wrong doers, bankers and developers - McDonald

5 April, 2010

Speaking at the annual Easter Commemoration in Enniscorthy this afternoon Sinn Féin Vice President Mary Lou McDonald accused the Fianna Fáil Green Party Government of sheltering the wrong doers, bankers and developers while pointing the finger of blame for the economic crisis at public sector workers, families, children with special needs and the unemployed.

Ms. McDonald said:

“The most pressing concern for Irish citizens right now is the dire economic conditions that our country faces. Unemployment in this state now exceeds 13%.

“The Fianna Fáil Green Party Government has no coherent plan to resolve the crisis. They have sheltered the wrong doers, the bankers and the developers - their cronies. They have pointed the finger of blame at public sector workers, the have punished families, children with special needs and young people who find themselves out of work or forced to emigrate.

“The Government persists with a strategy that is solely focussed on cuts when what we need to do is stimulate the economy, keep people at work, create new work, boost consumer confidence and keep the wheels of the real economy turning.

“This Government has failed the people and everything the Republican proclamation of 1916 stands for. A Fine Gael Government will do nothing to help the people of this country get out of this economic crisis. Their policies, almost indistinguishable from the Government’s, do not provide the radical departure required.

“Sinn Féin offers a message of hope to the people of Ireland and a vision for the future based on economic recovery, fairness and an equal society. We have put forward practical solutions to protect and create jobs and stimulate the economy. They prioritise the of the ordinary people of Ireland.

“The electorate in the 26 Counties has lost confidence in this Government. It is time for them to go.” ENDS

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