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ESRI report lays bare Government’s failures - Morgan

13 April, 2010

Speaking today after the release of the ESRI’s Quarterly Economic Commentary, Sinn Féin Spokesperson on the Economy, Deputy Arthur Morgan, has condemned Government job creation policy as it will fail to create employment during the current Government term and will result in the emigration of 100,000 Irish people.

Deputy Morgan said:

“The ESRI have forecast that jobs will not grow between 2010 and 2011. The rate of unemployment will decrease by less than 1 per cent, not because of Government policy to tackle unemployment coming to fruition, but rather because of predicted net emigration of 100,000 by April 2011.

“The government will not implement a €3.218 billion economic stimulus package to get Ireland back to work and to stop the over-reliance on emigration as a solution to unemployment, but they are willing to pour €80 billion of taxpayer’s money into fixing the banking system.

“This report and the Central Bank Quarterly Bulletin lay bare for all to see the failures of the Government and how there are no prospects of employment in the current Government term. Nevermore has it been more obvious that the Government need to step aside and make way for a party who has costed job creation proposals, proposals that do not rely on emigration.

“In the past year Sinn Féin has published two documents to get Ireland back to work including proposals to tackle youth unemployment. None of these proposals hinged on exporting 100,000 people. When the ESRI said that annual growth will be led by exports, they did not mean our people. ENDS

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