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Ellis Slams Deafening Silence of Local TD’s during Lifts Dispute

14 April, 2010

Cllr Dessie Ellis has called for immediate action from Pickerings Lifts following the Labour Court recommendations on Monday. Cllr Ellis has also criticised the “deafening silence” on the issue from local TD’s representing the area especially Cabinet Minister Pat Carey who has done nothing on the issue.

Cllr Ellis used this months Dublin City Council meeting to again raise the plight of the more than 200 residents in Ballymun who are affected by the ongoing dispute. The City Manager confirmed to Cllr Ellis at Monday’s City Council meeting that the army will be brought in this coming Friday.

“The dispute cannot be allowed to continue from a humanitarian and a health and safety viewpoint. This dispute is now nearly three months old and there and has been a source of hardship to the local community with many of the lifts now out of service. This now includes one of the lifts in Joseph Plunkett tower which is 14 storeys high.”

Cllr Ellis also expressed his “profound disappointment that Pickerings had not availed of the mechanism provided by the Labour Court to resolve this dispute and welcomed the ruling of the court which clearly forms the basis of resolution of this dispute.” ENDs

(Note to editor)
The recommendation from the Labour Court were

That the Company offers:
• An ex-gratia lump sum of 4 weeks' average pay per year of service, average pay to be determined by reference to the method of calculating pay for the purposes of the Redundancy Payments Acts, without the application of a weekly cap on earnings.
• Statutory redundancy entitlements in accordance with the terms of the Redundancy Payments Acts 1967 to 2007.
• In the first instance the company should seek volunteers for redundancy from amongst the workforce.
• In the event that additional compulsory redundancies are necessary these should be selected on a last in / first out basis.

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