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Working people have nothing to gain from voting for unionist parties - Adams

25 April, 2010 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams is in Fermanagh South Tyrone today.

On the eve of the launch of the Unionist and Conservative Party’s
Manifesto Gerry Adams said: “Both unionist parties are Tory Parties. Both favour cutbacks in public services. Only a strong Sinn Féin team can oppose these threatened cutbacks.”

Mr. Adams said:

“Working people have nothing to gain from voting for unionist parties.
While Peter Robinson and Reg Empey may take up populist positions on
social or economic issues they are opposed to equality measures which
would help working families in these difficult economic times.

The British Tories have given clear notice that they are going to cut
health services.

Peter Robinson is attacking Reg Empey because his party is in a
Conservative coalition.

Mr. Robinson makes a big issue about the Tories intention to introduce
cuts. Yet the DUP is supporting a so-called unity candidate in Fermanagh
South Tyrone who has pledged his support for the Conservatives and who is committed, if elected, to taking the Tory Whip.

So, despite the rhetoric Peter Robinson has exactly the same position as
Reg Empey. The DUP desire to disempower the people of Fermanagh South Tyrone is clearly greater than any notional differences with the British Tories.

The fact is the unionist parties here are Tory parties.

Their ideology is based on conservative values. Unionist unity in
Fermanagh South Tyrone is an example of what these parties want to do in the future.

If they succeed working people will suffer, and not just nationalist or

Working class unionist neighbourhoods have long been abandoned by the main unionist parties. Poverty is rampant in many of these areas. If the unionist parties are not challenged they will reduce public services,
particularly the health services, and destroy the social fabric and
necessary protections for citizens.

All of this points up the real need to build a strong Sinn Féin team which
will develop realistic policies based on equality for the benefit of all
sections of our society.

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